You have a nice website!

Don’t let anything happen to it.

Whether your website has been created by a third party or yourself, CybrQ myWebsite will automatically surface security concerns and notify you when needed, helping you reduce your cyber exposure across a multitude of potential vulnerabilities. No extra effort or technical expertise required.


5 Sectors - 1 Score


CybrQ myWebsite scans a wide array of possible cyber-risks in 5 major areas:

  • Outdated Software
  • First Party Exposure
  • Third Party Exposure
  • Business Continuity
  • GDPR Compliance

An easy-to-understand overview report for all your websites is readily and always available.

Total Transparency, Total Clarity


What if monitoring your online security status were as easy as driving to the office? With CybrQ myWebsite, it is. Dozens of different common vulnerabilities are monitored and you are informed with a simple system: Green means go, red means you might want to stop and take a closer look. It’s as easy as that.

Good Security Past and Present

Don’t find out the hard way about routine vulnerabilities in your website. CybrQ’s reports are designed with the layman in mind, offering effortless comparison with past results and allowing you to easily keep track of your website’s exposure over time - helping you make sure that your online presence is not only beautiful and functional, but secure as well.


5 Second Installation


CybrQ myWebsite is up and running in seconds, letting you capture up to 10 domains.

No coding. No effort. Everything is fully automated with Q the chatbot, providing context-relevant information every step of the way.

Optimized for Small Business

CybrQ designs tools to work around the packed life of today’s small business owner, which means the price is right, you’re up and running in seconds, and there’s no steep learning curve to worry about.